Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March Goals - Review

At the end of each month, I will go through and evaluate the progress I made on the goals I post at the beginning of the month.

For March:

Get full physical and lab work done
Arrange to see specialist for my ankles

I did get my physical and labs done. Some of my blood work wasn't pretty, but that's not surprising. I also have begun the process of seeing a specialist for my ankles, but actually getting the appointment may take some time.

Have at least $3,500 in savings for move
Finish taxes

I completed both of these goals. I expect several thousand dollars back from my taxes. I also have saved just over $4000 in preparation for my move. I currently have an application in for a townhouse, and I am waiting to hear back on that.

Finalize debt amounts and payment plans for medical bills
working with debt agency regarding consumer debt

I met both of these goals as well, for the most part. I am still waiting to hear back from several people involved with the outstanding medical bills. I remain concerned that information has been sent to my old address, where my ex-landlord is illegally keeping my mail. I've begun work on eliminating my consumer debt and have retained a law firm to help me with the paperwork and appropriate steps to take (since all accounts are in collections at this point.) This will be a long process, but I am making progress.

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