Friday, April 11, 2008

Upcoming income plans

I have quite a bit of "additional" income (i.e., not salary) that I'm expecting over the next couple of months.

  1. Tax Refunds and Stimulus rebate - ~$2000

  2. Refund and damages from ex-landlord - $650-$7,175*

  3. Cashout from FusionCash (referral link) - $28

  4. Referral Bonuses - ? I've had 4 requests for ING referrals, and a couple for Lending Club. Every bit of extra income helps.

*I don't expect to come anywhere close to the high end of this. However, my landlord violated the law in several ways, most egregiously by turning the heat off and leaving for over a week. I had no contact number and the upstairs portion of the place was locked, so I was unable to do anything about it myself. The temperatures dropped well below freezing during that week. Any liquids I had sitting in the apartment literally froze. I think I have a fairly solid complaint against her, and do expect to get some money back. I initially sent a compromise letter offering to not file the complaint in exchange for return of my mail and my security deposit, but she never responded, so I do intend to take advantage of the legal remedies available.

So what are my plans for the money? I'm going to first fully fund my emergency fund ($1,000) and then work on my second level safety net, an index fund at Vanguard ($3,000.) This will give me the security to know that I can handle both unexpected emergencies and that I have 2 months living expenses put away should there be a major disruption in my income.

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