Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Additional income sources

Every personal finance blog out there says the same thing - spend less than you earn. The two ways to do that are to reduce expenses and increase income. I'm attempting to do both. The reviews of my spending that I post here are helping me to identify areas where I can cut back, and I already watch several (groceries, entertainment expenses, etc.) I'm also attempting to increase my income. My upcoming promotion should help that. Additionally, here are some other thoughts I have.

The mint contest - if I could win, that would provide $5000 directly towards paying off my debt.

FusionCash - I try to complete offers from here every so often. The link is a referral link, for every person that signs up, I receive $1 when they confirm their email address, $2 when they complete an offer, and $5 when they cash out. I've gotten a $25 check from them once already.

ING referrals - If anyone is looking to open a high interest, online only savings or checking account with at least $250, contact me and I'll send you a link. The offer gives you a $25 bonus in your account, and I get $10 for each referral. I signed up through a referral link for my emergency savings fund.

I'm always trying to increase my income, even if just by a little bit per month. Every little bit helps.


  1. could you send me the link for ING please. for.spam.junk.mail @ gmail.com

  2. Looks like you have a new "fan".....~rolls eyes~