Sunday, February 24, 2008

A change in circumstances

I posted a while ago about the lack of heat in my basement apartment. The good thing about the apartment was that it's $650 a month. The bad part is...everything else. It's cold, which is really having a negative affect on my health, and it's cold even when the heat is on. It's full of other people's stuff. I have no privacy, which stirs up my anxiety. I have no true kitchen, just a refridgerator and microwave, so I can't do much about reducing my grocery or dining expenses. Going anywhere, even just to work, takes 2 hours one way.

So the plan is for me to move back in with friends for a couple of months and then move into an apartment. I found a really nice apartment complex...the rent is nearly twice as much, which I'm not looking forward to, but it's better in every other way. This will be a major expense and will certainly increase my monthly expenses (increase in rent, utilities, and insurance, though I'll be able to decrease dining, transportation, and grocery expenses.) Because I'm moving much closer to a metro stop, my commute will be significantly reduced (to about 30 minutes, max) and so I'm going to postpone buying a car. For the next couple of months, since I'll be living with friends, I'll be able to put the money I would have used on rent and groceries towards saving up for the move. I'll also be getting some increases to my income - a raise, possibly a bonus, and the tax rebate check. All of these should help to blunt the financial impact.

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