Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some health thoughts

WhiteCoat Rants was kind enough to link back to my site based on a comment I made on one of his posts. It's refreshing to see doctors like him, ones who sincerely care about their patients and do what they can to respond to their patients' concerns, even when they have nagging doubts. Between that and the comments on my last post, I'm not giving up on my search for a doctor just yet.

So with that bit of inspiration, today I set up an "interview" of sorts set up for a new doctor for next Wednesday. He's part of the "concierge" medicine trend, where I'll pay an annual fee but get 24 hour access for him to essentially manage my entire care. The initial meeting will be free, and won't be a diagnostic or treatment session, but will hopefully allow me to explain my condition, what I'm hoping for in terms of treatment, and see if this is an appropriate choice. $1,500/year is quite a bit, but I'm rather desperate at this point. If he turns out the way the last appointment turned out, at least I won't have spent any money for it.

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