Sunday, February 10, 2008

Debt versus Pain

Dealing with chronic pain is an area that seeps over into all aspects of my life. Tonight, my living arrangements are the problem. I'm renting a basement in a townhouse. It's $650 a month and right on the bus stop, which is about 2/3s the cost of what everything else in the area is. The problem is that my landlord doesn't like keeping the heat on. I've talked to her and asked her to do so, but she turns it off except for a couple of hours in the evening. It's 25 degrees outside and the cold is killing me. I have circulatory issues, so my fingers are currently blue and numb (typing is an experience when you can't feel your hands!) and my joints are on fire.

I don't know that I can afford to move, or that I could find a place that would rent to me if I did do so. But I don't know that I can continue staying here.

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  1. Space heater not an option? Anyway, if it's ridiculously cold, you should make the complaint in writing, and follow up with your local government. There are laws against such things.