Friday, May 2, 2008

April 2008 review

My net worth as of April 30st, 2008:


Liquid assets: $3,748.40
Investments: $3,078.84
Total: $6,827.24

Consumer Debt: $23,003.00
Hospital Bills: $26,875.90
Total: $49,878.90

My assets have increased by 43% since last month. My investments were the big increase, with an increase of over 1400%. My debts decreased by nearly 13%. I still have a long way to go on them, obviously, but things continue to move in the right direction. Overall, my net worth increased by nearly 18%. When I do move, it will be hard to maintain that level of increase, but I am going to work on keeping my expenses lower than my income.

Monthly income and expenses:


Interest: $1.45
Internet income: $88
Other income: $1,567
Salary: $2,333.66
Total: $3,970.11


Charity: $20
Clothing: $41.34
Debt Repayment: $59.00
Dining: $27.69
Entertainment: $129.79
Gifts: $21.15
Household: $1344.66
Medical: $177.26
Misc.: $25.90
Transportation: $87.00
Utilities: $54.00
Total: $1987.79

Overall Total: $1,982.32

I spent quite a bit this month. Purchases of a cell phone and a computer contributed for the bulk of the expenses. I came very close to covering my entertainment bill with my internet income, and I think that will be a goal every month. I definitely met and exceeded the goal of earning at least $25 extra every month. My tax refund came in, which made a big different in my income, although I still spent less than I earned if you exclude that. I expect my discretionary expenses to decrease next month.

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  1. That's nice to see such a big figure in the "green" portion! Good luck doing it again next month!