Monday, May 5, 2008

Entertainment on a budget

April was a really rough month for me. I had a lot of mental ups and downs (a bit more downs than ups). I did have one really fun moment. I'm a big baseball girl. I don't root for the local team, but my team comes to town occasionally. I'm working on getting a team hat signed (17 out of 25 on the active roster - 3 position players, 2 of whom are starters, and 5 pitchers, 3 starters). I actually skipped going to the game, but spent about 7 hours hanging out, getting autographs, pictures, talking to ball players, and watching batting practice. Best part - it was free.

I was amazed at how genuinely nice and fun some of the players are. These are people who are making millions of dollars per year, who are all over TV, and yet they still manage to keep their head on straight. Not all of them, of course, but a significant number of them are. I spent the day bouncing off the walls.

No chance I would try something like this with the New York teams or the Red Sox, but that's the benefit of rooting for a small market team.

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