Thursday, May 1, 2008

April goals review

At the end of each month, I will go through and evaluate the progress I made on the goals I post at the beginning of the month.

For April:

Re-fund emergency account ($1,000 total)
Open an account at
Vanguard with $3,000 invested in an "income" class index fund

I managed both of these. Well, mostly - my index fund is a balanced income fund. I'll be investing $100 a month into the Vanguard account automatically and hopefully more than that. Once it hits $6,000, I'll divide it into two.

Right now, I feel as though my finances are in shape for any sort of emergency. Obviously, I hope not to have a situation like that, but if something were to come up, I would be able to survive it. I'm not going to touch this $4,000 unless it's imperative.

Contact all hospitals and doctors with outstanding medical bills to
determine progress
Reduce consumer debt to under $20,000

These two are still a bit up in the air. The medical bills are actually down to just one hospital, but that's half of it. I have to submit a form (I submitted it once, they lost it,) but I can't really do that without a good idea of my expenses.

I'm still waiting on some creditors to get back to me with respect to the consumer debt, but I think this goal is met.

Move into new home
File complaint with landlord-tenant board to recover security deposit and any associated damages

I haven't done either of these. No real excuse beyond not finding the right place that will also take the chance on me. I'm going to call about the form today.

So...all in all, the month looks pretty bad. 2 goals just missed entirely, 2 on hold, and 2 met. But, the 2 that I met were, in my mind, the most important two. I'll take some comfort in that, and chalk April up to being one of those months.

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