Friday, May 23, 2008

A few updates

Well, this weekend was one of "those" weekends. I managed to land myself in the ER Thursday night, for the first time related to pain. It wasn't quite normal pain though, I started experiencing sharp, excruciating, and unrelenting pain just underneath my ribcage on my left side. I called my doctor after about an hour, and he had me go to the ER thinking it could be a heart or lung issue. I thought it was more in the abdominal area, but I was panicking and scared and went anyway. After an EEG and a contrast CT, they figured out it wasn't my heart or lungs. So I got written off as a drug seeker and parked in between the homeless people passed out from a night of alcohol and left for 6 hours. Not the most fun.

Now I'm still experiencing the pain intermittantly, along with some blood coming from somewhere inside, but I'm not going do anything about it right now. If it's a small tear or something, it will heal on it's own. If it's cancer, I wouldn't get treatment anyway. If I start feeling shocky, then I'll call my doctor. Until then...

So after doing all of that Thursday/Friday, I decided to have some fun over the weekend. I went out to a minor league baseball game, which was a ton of fun - no one goes to single A games, and there's no security, so you can basically hang out with the ballplayers. It's even better when you're on the visitors side. Then I went out to dinner afterwards. I spent some money on that, but I needed something to get my mind off of things. I'm also going to get a haircut next week, which is a fairly major expense, but I only do it every six months.

I move into the new place next weekend, so I'll have to start thinking about how to make the space my own.


  1. if there's blood, maybe you should call your doc again and make an appointment or something. i'm worried it could be your spleen? or your small intestines? if its on the right side, i would worry about your liver or gallbladder.... seriously. go see your doctor. after all, you pay enough for him!

  2. They treated you like that, even with EDS?? Geez! That sucks! I agree, call your doc again.

    Hope it all turns out well!

  3. You should definitely get checked if bleeding internally!

  4. I'm sorry they didn't treat you well, but don't let their bad behavior influence your decision.