Sunday, May 25, 2008

I did my part

This is for all the ER docs and nurses reading this blog (if there are any). When I was in the ER, I behaved well. I tried to be as polite as possible to everyone that came into my room. I only described the pain when asked, made no complaints, and didn't ask for a thing. I apologized profusely when the EEG wouldn't work because my muscles are clenching and twitching too much for an accurate reading. I smiled and said please and thank you whenever I could. I also refused the pills and prescription they gave me on discharge.

My ER experience may have been the one of the more unpleasant things I've ever done, but I've taken the blogs I read to heart, and tried to behave in the way you've requested patients act. It didn't really make any difference to the way I was treated, but at least I can be fairly confident I won't be making a featured appearance in a blog post.


  1. So wrong:( I'm so sorry they treated you like this. But sadly it's true more times than not.

    Keep your head up, and remember you are not alone!