Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2007 Taxes

I've finished up my 2007 taxes and put them in the mail today. I only began working in November, and I had very little income during that time. Between that and being single, my taxes should have been a quick, simple process. Unfortunately, because I had a child that died, they were much more complicated. I had to attach a copy of the certificate of live birth and subsequent death to the taxes, so I wasn't able to e-file. But between that and filing as head of household, my refund will be fairly significant this year. I'm expecting about $2,000 from federal/state refunds and another $600 from my stimulus check.

I expect my 2008 taxes to be fairly simple. I'll be filing as single, with (hopefully) only one W-2 to report. My liability or refund amount should be fairly small.

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