Monday, March 31, 2008

Why I love concierge medicine

I had my physical done on Thursday, and came away with some new medications to try. Today, my doctor called with my lab results, even though there was nothing surprising on them. Then we discussed some additional thoughts I had on medications, and he offered to send me a new prescription. Maybe the most interesting thing, however, was that he expressed concern over how quickly my ankles have deteriorated recently and had done some research on the best specialist for me to see. The specialist he found is the foot/ankle consultant for the local NFL and MLB teams and a pioneer of new technologies and research in his area. I've never had a doctor be quite so conscientious about following up and following through.


  1. pretty cool stuff...
    do they bill insurance at all?

  2. They do bill my insurance for everything except the annual fee ($1,500.) I haven't yet had to pay for anything beyond medications, although I assume I'll get a bill at some point for the co-pays I owe.