Monday, March 17, 2008

When reading blogs makes you feel bad...

I sometimes enjoy going through and reading nurses' blogs. But they always make me wonder how the nurses I've had felt about me. I try to be a good patient when I'm in the hospital. But after I gave birth, I felt like I was requesting something to drink every hour. And the big one - at one point, I lost control of my bladder on the bed. Actually, that's not entirely correct, I didn't have any control, and didn't notice it for a little while. But I felt insanely guilty and couldn't stop apologizing. Blogs have really enabled me to "walk a mile" though, and I hope it makes me a better patient (and person.)

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  1. I think that anytime (or for some people the first time) we break potty training as an adult regardless of the cause it is memorable and full of shame. In times past women in labor we given things to empty the bladder and bowels to eliminate soiling oneself. Don't think that you did something shameful or even unusual. You did not.
    Oh and that happened to me and still can remember how embarrassed I was at the time. The nurses made a face but then quickly threw the chucks away laid down fresh ones and went back to bringing in baby routine. Poo happens!