Saturday, March 8, 2008

$45,000 worth of letters

I spent $2.05 on stamps, and $45,000 hangs in the balance because of it.

First, I sent a letter to my ex-landlord. This was my written notice of vacating the premises. The place I was renting violated the city code in a good two dozen different ways, the most notable of which was not keeping the apartment at 68 degrees or warmer at all times. I didn't even need a fridge in the place, anything left out would usually freeze and then stay frozen. But the final straw was when I showered before bed and woke up in the middle of the night with ice coating my hair. That was a terrifying experience. So that letter, and a subsequent complaint to the appropriate authorities could result in around $5,000 in refunds, damages, etc. What I asked for in the letter, however, was merely the return of my security deposit ($650) and the mail that she's holding hostage. If I don't have it by the 14th, then I'll file the complaint and take her to court.

Then I sent off letters and forms to the 5 different places wanting money for my daughter's treatment - two hospitals, two doctor bills (one for each hospital), and the emergency helicopter transport. Those added up to over $40,000. Now all I can do is wait on their replies.

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  1. great job holding yourself accountable and working hard on your goals.
    I took out a loan for $75,000 for just my first year of medical school and it makes me real nervous. By the time I am done paying off four years I will have paid like $400,000. I can not bail out now.
    Sometimes I get bummed that I have put myself under such a heavy load of debt that I will have to be successful in order to pay back. In response, I sometimes go out and actually SPEND in order to ease that feeling. (Loan money that is).
    Reading your blog reminds me that it all adds up... Like when you account for $2 for stamps and aspire to make an extra $25/month to supplement your income.

    good luck!