Sunday, March 23, 2008

Week 7 income/expense review

Every week, I'll be posting my expenses and income for review and analysis.








This looks like a big week for expenses, but there were some annual things that came due. $49.95 was spent on things related to my taxes (filing expenses, obtaining documents.) $24.00 went to utilities, renewing my telephone number for another 13 months. The remaining amount was discretionary. $58.36 was a combination political donation/clothing purchase. I needed a lightweight outer layer, which I bought from a political candidate. $39.99 was entertainment - I signed up for a fantasy baseball league which will run through the end of September. I think this is fairly good value for my dollar. There's also a possibility of winning $200, though I'm looking at it as a sunk cost and not counting on getting any monetary benefit.

Essentially, I spent about 17% of my bonus. The rest of it is going towards reducing debt and savings.

Next week, I'll be going to the doctor's office, so I'll have various additional transportation and medical expenses. I don't expect any other significant spending next week.

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