Saturday, March 1, 2008

February 2008 review

My net worth as of Feb. 29th, 2008:



Liquid assets: $2,210.02

Investments: $75.95

Total: $2,285.97


Consumer Debt: $24,946.00

Hospital Bills: $40,391.31

Total: $65,337.31

My liquid assets increased by 68%, and my overall assets increased by 73%. My liabilities didn't change, however, I have made progress to negotiate debt reduction and payment plans regarding both my hospital bills and my consumer debt. I expect these to begin decreasing sharply over the next 2 months. Thus, my overall networth increased 1.5%

Monthly Income and Expenses:


Uncategorized: $3.56

Interest: $1.92

Salary: $3100.11

Total: $3105.59


Bank Charge: $4.00
Dining: $97.42
Entertainment: $35.00
Gifts: $10.00
Health & Fitness: $30.00
Household: $23.44
Medical: $1,157.43
Rent: $650.00
Transportation: $126.00
TO Lending Club: $50.95
Total: $2,184.24

Overall total: $889.43

I spent less than I earned this month, which is what I was aiming for. About 9% of my spending this month was purely discretionary. Over 50% was medical, that category should be drastically reduced next month. I'm not unhappy with the way the month went.

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